What Every Advisor Should Know About the Three Most Popular Retirement Income Philosophies

Providing comprehensive retirement income planning services helps separate your practice from the pack, keep clients for life, and get them through retirement securely.

Join Jamie Hopkins, Director of Retirement Research at Carson, for his upcoming webinar, where he’ll discuss the three most popular retirement income philosophies, how to execute each strategy, and how each income strategy can be better suited for a different client under a goal-based philosophy.

He will also walk you through the role of home equity in income strategies along with the “4 percent safe withdrawal rate” and why it might not be so safe anymore.

Discover how you can add value by specializing in retirement income planning

Learn the importance of the human element and client behavioral biases in income decision-making

Explore the process of creating a retirement income plan

Better understand how to incorporate income sources and all of a client’s assets into a retirement income strategy

Making the Invisible Visible

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